Book Your Smile Enhancement Consultation Today!

We are so excited you are considering a Smile Transformation!  Our team is ready to meet with you for a complimentary consultation.  Check out our facility, get some great education, and learn about our unique Smile Design process.

Book Your Smile Enhancement Consultation Today!

We are so excited you are considering a Smile Transformation!  Our team is ready to meet with you for a consultation.  Check out our facility, get some great education, and learn about our unique Smile Design process.

Welcome to Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you ready to show off that Smile? Our Dental Centre in Vancouver offers a full range of dental services with a special interest in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry. Our newly updated and renovated facility, exceptional team and in-house Porcelain Laboratory will provide you an unforgettable experience.  Give us a call or stop by our office and learn how we can help you achieve a beautiful, gorgeous and healthy smile. Thank you for choosing us as your Vancouver cosmetic dentist!

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Dr. Kassam has over 30 years of experience and lectures around the world about Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Before & After Gallery

The College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia has a new by-law that sadly forbids dentists from advertising before and after pictures. We are very proud of the work we do and would be happy to email you some pictures and invite you to join us for a virtual or in person consultation.

Below are some beautiful smiles of beautiful people. They may or may not be our patients (wink, wink). Please feel free to use them as inspiration for what is possible with cosmetic dentistry.

The Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry Difference

We’ve meticulously crafted an unforgettable smile makeover experience…


All of our Veneers & Crowns are hand crafted on-site in Porcelain Laboratory; that’s right, no shipping out. This allows you, the patient, to help us design your own smile; after all, you have to love it and show it off!


Imagine having the Smile you’ve always dreamed of but with NO TOOTH REDUCTION. That’s right! Let’s create a gorgeous Smile to help your confidence without reducing any of your tooth. In most cases, just some simple polishing is all it takes!


We’ll make you a temporary smile to “test drive.” Look in the mirror, show your friends and family your new smile. If you aren’t 100% in love with your smile we will work with you closely to design and customize your Veneers.


Money shouldn’t stand between you and the smile of your dreams. We offer financing solutions through a third party so that you can get your new smile for one low monthly payment. Learn more about our financing and get instant approval.


Let’s start by talking about your goals! Enjoy a smile consultation with our smile design consultants. We’d love to learn about your history and the “why” behind your dream smile. Learn more about our unique smile design & education process.


With a very special interest in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry for over 30 years, Dr. Kassam has lectured for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is one of the few world educators for the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Dr. K, his team and the porcelain artists will work side by side with you to customize your new smile.

Experience the Future of Dentistry

Join us at Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry in embracing the future of dentistry with the Light Walker Fotona Laser. If you have any questions about laser dentistry or would like to schedule a consultation to explore how this innovative technology can benefit your oral health, please contact our friendly team today.

Invest in your smile with the latest advancements in dental technology at Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry. Your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile starts here!

The Light Walker Fotona Laser Advantage

1. Swift and Painless Procedures:

Say goodbye to lengthy and uncomfortable dental procedures. With the Light Walker Fotona Laser, we can perform a wide range of treatments quickly and virtually pain-free. The laser technology allows for precise and efficient work, minimizing discomfort for our patients.

2. Minimized Discomfort:

Traditional dental procedures often involve vibrations, heat, and pressure, leading to post-treatment discomfort. The Light Walker Fotona Laser, however, operates with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. Patients often report less pain and a quicker recovery time compared to traditional methods.

3. Preservation of Healthy Tissue:

One of the key benefits of the Fotona Laser is its ability to target specific areas without affecting surrounding healthy tissues. This precision ensures that only the necessary treatment area is impacted, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of complications.

4. Reduced Bleeding and Swelling:

The gentle nature of laser dentistry results in less bleeding and swelling during and after procedures. This is particularly advantageous for patients undergoing surgeries or treatments that may typically cause significant discomfort.

5. Versatility in Treatments:

The Light Walker Fotona Laser is incredibly versatile, allowing us to perform a variety of dental procedures, including:

Soft Tissue Treatments: Gum reshaping, frenectomy, and gum disease treatment.
Hard Tissue Treatments: Cavity preparation and dental restoration.
Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth whitening and smile enhancement.

6. Enhanced Precision and Control:

The advanced technology of the Fotona Laser provides our dental team with unparalleled precision and control. This allows us to customize treatments for each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal results with minimal invasiveness.

7. Patient Comfort and Satisfaction:

At Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry, patient comfort is our top priority. By incorporating the Light Walker Fotona Laser into our practice, we aim to provide a more enjoyable and stress-free dental experience, ultimately leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Laser-Assisted Soft Tissue Treatments:

Gum Reshaping: Precision in gum contouring for aesthetic enhancement or to address issues like a “gummy smile.”

Frenectomy: Treatment of conditions where the band of tissue (frenulum) restricts movement, such as tongue-tie or lip-tie.

Gum Disease Therapy: Effective removal of infected gum tissue with reduced bleeding and faster healing.

Laser-Assisted Hard Tissue Treatments: Cavity Preparation: Precise removal of decayed tooth structure in preparation for a filling. The laser may reduce the need for anesthesia.

Dental Restoration: Efficient preparation of teeth for crowns, bridges, and other restorative procedures with minimal discomfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening: Accelerated and effective teeth whitening treatments with reduced sensitivity.

Smile Enhancement: Contouring and reshaping teeth for cosmetic improvements, addressing irregularities or enhancing tooth shape.

Oral Surgery: Biopsy Procedures: Precise removal of tissue for examination, aiding in the diagnosis of oral lesions or abnormalities.

Frenectomy for Orthodontic Reasons: Assisting in orthodontic treatments by releasing tight bands of tissue that impede proper tooth movement.

General Dentistry: Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity: Targeted desensitization procedures to alleviate discomfort.

Root Canal Sterilization: Use of laser energy to disinfect and clean root canals during endodontic procedures.

Periodontal Treatments: Pocket Reduction: Reduction of periodontal pockets to promote gum health and prevent further progression of gum disease.

Crown Lengthening: Precise reshaping of gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth, often done for restorative or cosmetic purposes.

The Light Walker Fotona Laser’s versatility makes it a valuable tool across various dental disciplines, offering patients a more comfortable and efficient experience. If you’re considering any of these treatments or have specific questions about how laser dentistry can benefit you, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team at Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry. We’re here to guide you toward optimal oral health and a radiant smile!


Book Your Complimentary Smile Enhancement Consultation Today.

We are so excited you are considering a Smile Transformation!  Our team is ready to meet with you for a consultation.  Check out our facility, get some great education, and learn about our unique Smile Design process.

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