10 Oral Hygiene Tips Infographic

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Your mouth is the gateway to your body; similarly oral hygiene is more than just making sure your pearly whites are nice and clean. Your oral health determines how your teeth function, how healthy your body is and also determines how confident you appear to others. That is why our dental professionals at Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry prepared this amazing Infographic about 10 Dental Hygiene Tips for you!

With a whopping 88% of Canadians believing that good oral hygiene is key to a healthy body, it comes as no surprise that we enjoy good health by certain regular oral practices. There is awareness amongst the majority that regular brushing and flossing of our teeth helps to keep gum disease as well as tooth decay at bay. Even though making sure that these practices are part of your daily routine is a lifelong commitment, they can ensure that you and others can enjoy your eye catching smile for a long while.

10 Great Dental Hygiene Tips Infographic

10 Oral Hygiene Tips Infogprahic

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#1. Proper Brushing:

This simple daily practice can brush away all food debris before you sleep and when you wake up to ensure you start your day with a fresh and clean mouth. This is the first preventive measure to keep from plaque building up in your teeth.

#2. Flossing:

This is the second line of defence for your teeth and is a great way to remove food debris from areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. It is recommend to floss daily instead of the occasional floss as the formation of dental plaque can remain unchecked which could lead to your tooth’s enamel destruction.

#3. Visit your Dentist:

There is no substitution for regular dental cleaning. Your dental care provider can professionally remove traces of tartar and plaque buildup that simple brushing and flossing cannot remove. They will also be able to detect any signs of disease before you are aware of them.

#4. Avoid Tobacco:

When you smoke, you are ingesting thousands of chemicals into your body which are detrimental to your body’s health. Smoking is the best way to get cancer so staying away from tobacco will add many more years to your life.

#5. Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly:

Brushing with an old toothbrush with bent bristles is not going to be as effective against tooth decay. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush once every three months as key to good oral hygiene. You should talk to your dentist to find out which brush will suit you best.

#6. Healthy Eating:

A good and balanced diet will give your teeth all the nutrients it needs to keep gum disease at bay.

#7. Tongue Cleaning:

You should brush your tongue regularly to remove any bacteria that may be present, to avoid bad breath and if you are suffering from a dry mouth.

#8. Be alert:

You will know your body best and if you notice any dental pains, you should consult your dentist immediately who will diagnose and treat the root of your problem.

#9. Looking at the Bigger Picture:

There are many dental problems you will not be aware of which can be revealed at a dental appointment. Your dentist can fix any problem related to crooked, crowned and missing teeth. Bad teeth can cause damage to your facial structure which will lead to further overall damage to your body and your confidence.

#10. Avoid sugar:

Bacteria in your mouth happily feed on sugars – so keeping a tab on your sugar intake as well minimising the amount of sugar you eat will decrease the chances of getting cavities and other bacterial infections.

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