10 Reasons to smile

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Many people see smiling as an involuntary response to things that bring us joy or laughter. However, while that is true, most people overlook the fact that smiling can be as much a voluntary response as a conscious and powerful choice. Various scientific studies have confirmed that a genuine smile is generally considered attractive to others. More importantly, studies have also shown that smiling can have a positive effect on people’s health. However, there are several obstacles in the way of constantly smiling. Some suffer from depression or anxiety and find it difficult to always wear a smile but a huge reason for lack of smiles is lack of confidence in the way our smiles look. Luckily an experienced cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, BC can fix your smile so you can start enjoying life more!

Here are 10 reasons to smile everyday:

10 reasons to smile - cosmetic dentist recommends

1. Smiling makes us attractive:

For whatever reason, we are naturally attracted to people who smile. There is a physical attraction factor linked to smiling and not surprisingly, negative facial expressions work in the opposite direction. Use the attraction power of your smile!

2. Relieve stress:

As much as we may try to eliminate stress and keep it from showing up on our faces, we can’t eradicate it completely. Smiling helps us look energized and can help reduce stress. Smiling can reduce stress even if you don’t feel like smiling or even know that you are smiling.

3. Elevate your mood:

If you are ever feeling down, try out a smile! There is a good chance wearing your smile can help you feel better. Smiling can trick your body into elevating your mood by activating neural messaging in your brain. It can trigger the release of neural communication boosting neuropeptides as well as dopamine and serotonin. Smiling can be a natural anti-depressant.

4. It’s contagious:

Not only can smiling elevate your mood, but it can also elevate the moods of everyone around you. The part of your brain that controls smiling is an unconscious automatic response area. This means that smiling can be completely unconscious.

5. Boost your immune system:

Smiling can boost the human immune system and help it function more efficiently. It is thought that this is a result of your body relaxing and releasing certain neurotransmitters.

6. Lower blood pressure:

Smiling reduces blood pressure significantly.

7. Look younger:

Smiling can make you more attractive and part of that is by making you look younger. The muscles used to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. Look younger and feel better by smiling!

8. Look successful:

Studies have shown that people who smile often appear to be more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and are more likely to be approached. Try it out: wear a smile at meetings and business appointments and watch how people react to you differently.

9. Stay positive:

Even when a smile feels unnatural or you have to force it, it still sends the brain and the rest of the body a positive message. Reduce depression and stress simply by smiling.

10. Land a job:

Smiling can give you the upper hand on other applicants. Studies have shown the link between smiling and someone’s initial impression of you.

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