7 Health Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

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It has become an accepted fact that dental health not only carries direct benefits for your mouth but also affects your general wellbeing. Untreated tooth decay and gum disease will not only affect your mouth, but will start to poison your entire body. Skew teeth are more than just an aesthetic issue and, now, with advances in modern orthodontic techniques, it is possible to straighten teeth with relative ease.

There are a number of benefits to be gained with straight teeth

Teeth Straightening Options

1. Straight teeth are healthier teeth:

Teeth that are too crowded together are difficult to clean. The crevices between teeth are difficult to clean. The food lodged in these hard-to-reach crevices becomes an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

2. Crooked teeth cause speech problems:

Teeth play a very important part in pronunciation. If your teeth are very crooked or you have big gaps between your teeth, you will experience a difference in pronunciation. Straightening your teeth will improve your pronunciation and give you more confidence.

3. Increased confidence:

A mouth full of crooked teeth is not aesthetically pleasing. People who are not happy about their teeth tend not to smile as much as they otherwise would. They are scared of embarrassing themselves. Straightening your teeth will allow you to use your mouth more expressively. This in turn will boost your confidence and improve your mental wellbeing, and your chances for personal success.

4. Lower risk of injury:

When your teeth are crooked or protruding, there is an increased risk of injury to your teeth. Not only that, with crooked teeth, there is an increased chance of biting the inside of your cheek, which can be very painful. Straight teeth will lessen the risk of injury.

5. Improved digestion:

The first part of the digestive process is to chew your food properly. This serves to crush the food into much smaller pieces. The saliva in your mouth starts to chemically break down the food before it even reaches your stomach. Crooked teeth and too widely spaced teeth cause problems with the chewing process. This means that your stomach has a lot more work to do, which could lead to indigestion.

6. Eliminate head and neck pain:

Misaligned teeth can put extra stress on the muscles of the face, jaw and neck. This could lead to an increased likelihood of headaches and neck pain. Properly aligned teeth eliminate this extra pressure and lead to a decrease in the likelihood of headaches and neck and jaw pain.

7. Overall improved health:

As we have seen, straight teeth makes it more difficult for bacteria to lodge between your teeth and increase the risk of gum disease. If left unattended, infection will set in and could end up poisoning your whole body, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Straight teeth with lessen the possibility of infection and will lead to improved overall wellbeing.

It is obvious from the above that straight teeth carry many potential benefits. If you think that your teeth are not as straight as they should be, visit Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry to find out what tooth straightening techniques will work for you.

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