Advances in Dentistry Technology – Drill-Less Fillings

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If you’re the type of person to fear the dentist’s drill – there’s good news! It is now possible to repair damaged and decaying teeth without the use of drills. This procedure is also pain-free, foregoing the need for injections or freezing. This innovation is transforming visits to the Vancouver dentist for many patients.

Instead of the drill, dentists are now able to remove certain types of cavities with the use of Micro Air Abrasion. This works like a tiny sandblaster, blasting tiny particles of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture onto the tooth, removing surface decay and cavities while leaving healthy enamel unharmed. Although it may take a little longer than drilling, it is completely painless with patients only experiencing a bit of sensitivity.

Hard tissue lasers are also used to remove decay and prepare enamel and teeth for the placing of filings and crowns. Lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light rays. The laser is able to cut or vaporize tissues it comes into contact with, painlessly performing the traditional work of the dentist’s drill.

Drill-less filling procedures have been proven completely safe and effective at protecting your oral health, significantly prolonging the life of your teeth. For more information on this revolutionary new concept in dentistry, contact the Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry today.

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