Avoid Dental Problems with Preventive Dentistry

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Preventative dentistry can eliminate the need for restorative dentistry, and can save you money and time, and pain along the way. While many people fear visiting the dentist, if you have painful cavities and tooth decay it will only make those visits worse. Regular visits, along with preventative care will keep your teeth your own and in the best condition they can be in. Without proper care, you’ll find yourself in the chair.

What are the benefits of preventative dentistry?


Regularly brushing, flossing and visiting your local dentist for your twice annual cleaning will keep your teeth at their healthiest. Brushing helps remove debris and bacteria from your mouth, which can prevent decay and cavities from forming. Flossing makes sure everything between the teeth and along the gum line is clear.

Visiting a dentist for a deep cleaning makes sure plaque and tartar are scraped so it doesn’t turn into decay. During an in office cleaning, a professional will also be able to identify any areas of concern, and prevent bacteria from causing tooth decay. They can also screen for oral cancer and identify any other signs of disease.

Your mouth is also the gateway to the body, so maintaining good oral health can lead to the rest of your body being healthier. Bacteria that grows in the mouth doesn’t stay in the mouth. Stay healthy by keeping your mouth healthy.

But with technology, who needs real teeth anyway?

While there are many ways to repair damage done to teeth through restorative dentistry, they can be expensive, invasive, and time consuming. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to have oral reconstruction. It is a timely process, between fitting implants, having work done and follow up appointments. The technology for new teeth is good, but nothing beats your natural teeth.

People who have their natural teeth often have a better quality of life because they don’t have to worry about dentures coming loose or other issues that arise from missing and damaged teeth. It is said that people tend to live longer too with natural teeth, because they can properly grind their food to get the most amount of nutrients from it.

Are there any other ways to keep the mouth healthy?

In addition to proper oral care and regular dentist visits, there are many other healthy habits to follow to help keep your mouth at its healthiest. If your teeth are prone to decay, your dentist may recommend a fluoride rinse or prescription toothpaste. A dentist may also recommend sealants for children and people who may have deep grooves in their chewing surfaces.

Your diet can also contribute to your oral health. Sugary foods feed the bacteria in the mouth, and can exacerbate decay. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco can also help to keep not only the teeth at their healthiest, but your entire lifestyle.

Good oral hygiene can be part of a regular routine, and will save you money, time and aggravation. Keep brushing, and you’ll find your mouth at its best.


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