Bad Breath- A Real Turn Off

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Bad Breath- A Real Turn Off

Q: Where does bad breath come from and how do I treat it?

A: Bad Breath is called Halitosis. It is caused by a number of factors such as diet, oral hygiene, gum disease and systemic conditions.  There are hundreds of different types of bacteria in your mouth, some of which cause malodors. These bacteria generally harbor under your gums and on your tongue.

There are 5 main ways to treat halitosis:

1) Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day (especially after eating particularly “smelly” food)

2) Floss every 24 hours

3) Use a daily mouthrinse such as Breath Rx

4) Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper once daily

5) Get regular cleanings by your Dental hygienist (2-4 times per year), to remove bacteria from deeper under the gum line that you cannot reach at home

6) Get your dental fillings checked. Leaking fillings or crowns can create a bad taste and smell in the mouth.

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