Bad Breath Symptoms and Causes, and Ways to Get Rid of It

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Do you suffer from bad breath? Do you shy away from chatting and mingling with new people or your friends and family because you’re embarrassed of your bad breath? Do you want to find out what may be causing your bad breath and a few ways to prevent or reduce it? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone and you are in luck! Bad breath is one of the biggest turnoffs and one of the most embarrassing things when you are talking with others. It typically is the result of poor oral hygiene but also has to do with what your diet consists of. The best way to cure bad breath is to visit your local Vancouver dentist and discuss your diet and oral hygiene. Something you may have never thought of could be the cause of your bad breath and may even save your teeth! However, in between calling to make your appointment and the time you actually walk into the dentist’s office, discover what could be causing your bad breath and try these simple tips to get rid of your bad breath!

The possible causes of your bad breath

The two leading causes of bad breath are poor dental habits/oral hygiene and the things you eat and drink. Poor dental habits such as not brushing properly or often enough, lead to decay in the mouth and foul breath. Things you eat such as onions or garlic are the obvious culprits of bad breath, but eating acidic foods can also lead to enamel break down and decay, resulting in bad breath.

How does what you eat affect your breath?

Essentially, all things that you ingest begin to be broken down in the mouth. If you eat foods with strong odors, brushing, flossing, and even mouthwash will have little effect on the smell until the foods have completely passed through your body.

Why does poor oral hygiene have an effect on your body?

Not brushing and flossing daily can allow food particles to remain in your mouth, leading to bacteria and disease. This bacterium is what causes bad breath.

How can you get rid of your bad breath?

Oral Hygiene

  1. Brush and floss more often: Don’t allow plaque to build-up and bacteria to grow leading to bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing rids your teeth of excess food particles and leads to a cleaner and healthier mouth.
  2. Rinse your mouth: Refresh your mouth with a mouthwash. Not only does mouthwash smell great, but it also kills 99% of the bacteria in your mouth!
  3. Scrape your tongue: Not everyone thinks to brush his or her tongue. Your tongue can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria but scrubbing it twice a day during regular brushing can significantly raise your chances of a healthy mouth and better breath.
  4. Avoid foods that sour your breath: This one is rather obvious; just try to stay away from the onions and garlic!
  5. See your dentist: Regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist will help to keep your mouth healthy and bacteria free, leading to fresher breath!
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