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Mercury Free Fillings by your Vancouver dentist

If you are like approximately 80% of the adult population, you probably still have mercury or silver amalgam fillings, and they have probably been there since you were a teenager or in your twenties. In past times, mercury fillings were one of the few options available to restore teeth. Mercury fillings were often not bonded to the teeth and as they age, even after only a few years, these fillings can break down putting your tooth at risk for fracturing, leakage and decay. These conditions can often go unnoticed to a patient. Many people can’t see or feel a lot of conditions happening in their mouth. Mercury fillings are very susceptible to these fractures, deep decay and even broken tooth structure and without preventive care, eventually you can end up with extensive pain or even infection requiring root canal therapy.

The big question is why would you want to keep these fillings any longer? There are so many reasons to be rid of these dark, metallic unwanted structures. Mercury fillings in a dental office are considered “hazardous materials” and are required by certain bylaws to be disposed of in special containers so they aren’t leached into the environment. We also use special precaution with high volume evacuation when we are removing them from your teeth. Is that something you really want to keep around?

With further advances in dental technology, and as a preventive approach to oral health and wellness, we are pleased to offer all porcelain or white bonded filing alternatives. Depending on the size of the filling and the condition of your tooth, Vancouver cosmetic dentist Dr. Kassam would recommend an appropriate treatment of a porcelain onlay, porcelain crown or in smaller filling cases a new white composite filling. All of these options are metal free, conservative, strong and a very healthy and aesthetic way of replacing mercury fillings.

We are happy to offer you a Intra-Oral Tour and Education Consultation. Learn more about your mouth and how you can be metal and mercury free!

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