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Have you always wanted to slightly change the way your smile looks? Lots of us are satisfied with the way our smiles look but want just a little bit more out of them. The only reason we haven’t taken action is because we either think that it’s going to be a long and expensive problem, or we simply just don’t know how. The cosmetic dentistry field has forever changed how our smiles look and less expensive treatments are widely available! An increasingly more popular treatment is tooth contouring otherwise known as tooth reshaping. This process helps you make the small changes to help you achieve smile perfection. So what exactly is tooth contouring, how is it done, and what are the advantages?

What is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic dentistry technique that involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel (the outside covering of the tooth), in order to change the shape, length or surface of teeth. This process deals in terms of millimeters, but even those small improvements can have a drastic effect on the way your smile looks. This process is often coupled with a tooth bonding treatment that uses tooth-coloured composite resin to shape the tooth. The process to make small changes that have big effects is not a difficult one.


Tooth contouring or reshaping is done using various dental instruments and abrasion techniques. Your Vancouver cosmetic dentist will take Dental X-rays before the process is started to ensure the health of your teeth. The dentist will then mark your teeth with a special pen to highlight the targeted areas. A sanding instrument is then used to carefully eliminate or minimize the parts of your teeth that need to be reshaped. Strips of sandpaper-like material may also be used to contour the sides of your teeth. This is then where you will have the dental bonding done if needed. Finally, your teeth will be smoothed and polished to ensure they blend in with your other teeth.

The advantages of tooth reshaping or contouring are numerous. Viewed as a conservative approach in the cosmetic dentistry world, the process can still provide a boost to your smile! Contrary to many cosmetic procedures, the cost of dental contouring is inexpensive. Ranging from $50-$100 per tooth depending on how much work is required, contouring or reshaping is great bang for your buck. The process is also painless because only the tooth’s surface (enamel) is being removed. Not only does the treatment provide outstanding aesthetic value, but can also improve the overall health of your mouth. Removing minor overlaps and other imperfections where plaque and tartar can build up, reduces the chance of decay and gum disease. Dental contouring may also be used as a substitute for braces because of the ability to straighten the teeth and eliminate minor overlapping.

Tooth reshaping or contouring is perfect for the person who wants to reach smile perfection but only needs to make some minor changes. A relatively cheap, and completely painless process, tooth contouring provides people with an opportunity to love the look of their smile!

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