Full Mouth Rehabilitation 

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Occlusal condition is when the teeth do not come together harmoniously therefore potentially causing permanent damage to the teeth and jaw joint. Poor occlusion can also lead to headaches, migraines, neck, back and facial pain, facial asymmetry and other body pains. There are many people suffering from these aches and pains and are unaware that their mouth could be causing these symptoms. Your Vancouver dentist can help you fix your bite and your pain!

Most patients with occlusal disease tend to involuntarily clench and grind causing extensive damage to the teeth or to existing fillings or crowns. If too much tooth is worn and broken down, the inside layer of the tooth becomes exposed and is now susceptible to decay, sensitivity and can lead to root canals. Wear down in the teeth can also cause loss of height in the mouth therefore the lower third of the face can appear short and “squished”. Most clients with occlusal disease find that they appear much older and that their skin and face are aging faster. Loss of height can also cause the muscles in the jaw, neck and head to spasm leading to headaches, migraines and other muscle and body pains.

Excessive wear down and loss of height/length in the teeth can also be caused by acid erosion. Acid reflux, medical conditions causing vomiting, and even excessive consumption of acidic fruits or drinks can cause the enamel (protective layer) on the teeth to dissolve exposing the inner layer of the tooth.

The process for rehabilitation can last anywhere from 2-6 months on average. Records are taken initially to determine the best course of treatment for you personally. You are then given a temporary build up or splint to make your teeth “higher” This splint is in place until you start to feel that symptoms are improving, but not getting worse. When the bite is stable, we then restore the teeth to match the muscles, joints and bite. Yes, teeth can be restored and cavities and cracks can be repaired without fixing the bite, however, those restorations are likely to fail and not last an ideal length of time. When the bite, teeth and muscles are restored to their natural architecture and ideal height, good function is returned to the teeth to keep the mouth, face and body healthy, young and vital.


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