The Importance Of Straight Teeth

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Teeth straightening procedures may be thought by many to be purely cosmetic, but there are several reasons why having your teeth straightened is necessary for your health. Yes, your smile will look better, but it’s the least of the reasons why you should consider having skew teeth set to rights.

Straightening teeth is no longer the unwieldy, unpleasant process it once was. Braces have come a long way since the “railway tracks” many adults will remember from their school days. There are even “invisible” options that an outside observer would be hard put to spot at all!

Now that you’re reassured about the process, lets look at the health benefits that will follow from having straight teeth.

Reduce Your Chances of Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and Premature Births

It’s a chain-reaction: skew teeth trap food residues. Trapped food residues provide food for bacteria to multiply, and this can lead to gum infections that affect your overall physical health. If they aren’t treated, they can, in turn, lead to a range of other illnesses that could negatively affect your health and wellbeing.

You’ll Be Less Prone to Tooth Decay and Bad Breath

Skew teeth are harder to clean and can lead to bad breath. In places, it’s almost impossible to get a piece of floss between teeth. With certain areas of the teeth being difficult, if not impossible, to clean it’s hardly surprising that plaque builds up between them. The next part of the progression is tooth decay and in instances where that’s neglected, loss of teeth.

Align Your Bite

Malocclusion or a misaligned bite has several associated problems. The teeth wear down quickly because they aren’t working the way they’re meant to, and if you’re not chewing food properly because of a misaligned bite, it can place strain on your digestive system. You could even be inclined to injure the inside of your mouth because your teeth don’t fit together as they should.

You’re Less Likely to Lose Teeth When the Going Gets Rough

Straight teeth are far less likely to get damaged in contact sports, falls, and accidents. In many instances, skew teeth are inclined to protrude making them vulnerable to rough and tumble.  And although we recommend mouthguards for people playing contact sports even when their teeth are straight, less predictable accidents can and do happen.

Straight Teeth Last Longer – And They Look Great Too

It’s easier to keep your teeth and gums healthy when your teeth are straight. And who doesn’t like a nice, sparkly smile that’s delivered with confidence? If you were wondering whether teeth straightening is nothing more than a cosmetic procedure, you know better now.

An investment in straight teeth is an investment in your health and wellbeing. What’s that worth to you? Surely, something that contributes to your long-term health and physical wellbeing has to head your list of priorities!

If you’re wondering what teeth straightening for you or your child will entail, make an appointment with your dentist today. We’re ready to bet you’ll find tooth straightening much easier than you expected it would be.

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