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Do you suffer from neck, back, or jaw pain? Do you get frequent migraines? Have you tried every treatment to get back to living pain free? Odds are, you haven’t consulted your general dentist in Vancouver, BC. That’s right, your dentist can help you with your back and neck pain and even provide migraine relief! Many people don’t realize that the mouth and jaw directly affect the rest of your body. So what are the causes of your pain associated to migraines, neck and back pain, what are the symptoms of improper teeth and jaw positioning, and most importantly, what treatments are available?


Jaw, neck, back, and migraine pain can be debilitating. It can disrupt your daily activity, making work, hobbies, or even simple daily activity hard or impossible. Many people who suffer from debilitating pain seek help from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or other pain relief specialist. However, most people would never think to go see their Vancouver dentist. The teeth and jaw working inharmoniously together can cause jaw, neck and back pain, along with migraines. When the teeth do not meet together properly, the teeth and jaw can be affected but may also cause severe amounts of muscle stress. This muscle stress can trigger migraines, headaches, neck, back, and facial pain, facial asymmetry, and other bodily pain. So how would you know if your mouth is causing problems for the rest of your body?


The most common sign that your mouth may affect the rest of your body is jaw pain. Jaw pain is often caused by an incorrect bite and as a result, your teeth and jaw do not work together efficiently, causing significant stress on your muscles. If you notice, increased jaw or tooth pain, consult your local Vancouver dentist to ensure the rest of your body stays healthy. If the effects of a poor bite are so widespread, is there effective treatment?


Despite the fact that a poor bite can have such devastating effects on the rest of your body, dentists can provide you with not only pain relief, but also injury prevention. The only way to protect the rest of your body from muscle pain, migraines and possible permanent damage is by correcting the way your teeth and jaw work together. By correcting your bite, you help your mouth work harmoniously with the rest of your body. Correcting your bite may be as simple as using a dental appliance at night or may involve a full mouth rehabilitation. A full mouth rehabilitation involves ensuring all of the teeth are healthy and have proper “shape”. It is important that your teeth do not lose “height”. The loss of “height” can result in the lower third of the face looking short and squished but more importantly, cause the muscles in the jaw, neck, and head to spasm. Often, people who clench and grind their teeth find loss in “height” and tend to experience jaw pain or muscle fatigue.

If you have tried to relieve your neck, back, and jaw pain, or solve the mystery of your migraine but have had no luck with conventional pain relief methods, consult your nearest dentist. Ensure your body’s future health with a healthy mouth!

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