No Drill Fillings

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Are you afraid of the dentist? Are you scared to get a filling done because of the looming inevitability of a drill? Whether it’s the cringe-worthy sound of the drill or the uncomfortable feeling associated with a sharp piece of metal being directed at your sensitive tooth, getting a cavity worked on has never been fun. Well, the drill is a treatment of the past now! With Micro Air Abrasion and Hard Tissue Lasers, you can get those cavities filled painlessly and without a worry in the world!

Micro Air Abrasion is a common and effective method of no drill fillings. It is considered as a method of conservative cavity preparation while being minimally invasive. Not only does this type of treatment make the patient a lot more comfortable, but also ensures sound tooth structure. With no drill fillings, you won’t have to be scared to visit your dentist in Vancouver anymore!

Micro Air Abrasion uses a stream of aluminum oxide particles generated from compressed air or bottled carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas. The abrasive particles hit the tooth at high velocity and remove any tooth decay such as pit and groove cavities that inhabit the outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel. No drilling means no freezing, and with only one easy appointment, you will be able to live your life pain-free again in no time.

No drill fillings provide patients with not only more comfort during the procedure but also leading up to it. No one needs any added stress or anxiety in their lives and no one should have to fear the dentist. Drill-less fillings are just another step in the advancement of conservative dentistry and make getting a filling done easy, painless, and stress free.

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