Tips to Prevent Tooth Loss

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Do you want to take your natural teeth to the grave with you? Do you want to avoid costly dental bills? Do you want to have a radiant smile with bright and shiny teeth? Do you want to look better, feel younger, and live a better life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may want to keep reading! Tooth decay and loss is no fun for anyone but the best part is, it can be easily prevented! Your local dentist in Vancouver will have the best tips to prevent tooth loss but here are a few to get started! However, before we do, in order to effectively battle tooth decay it’s important to understand what causes it.

So what exactly causes tooth loss?

There are several reasons that adults lose their teeth. The most common reasons involve a combination of poor oral hygiene and dietary habits. Plaque build-up can cause cavities to form as the bacteria eats away at enamel. It can also cause your gums to become inflamed and infected. Tooth decay and gum disease can both weaken the tissues supporting your teeth, which can make your teeth loosen and fall out. In addition to poor oral hygiene habits, eating a lot of candy, gum, or other sugary snacks can lead to tooth loss because sugar contributes to tooth decay, especially if you don’t brush after eating. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also damage your teeth and gums. Finally, grinding your teeth can make them shorter and more prone to decay.

Here are the top 5 ways to prevent tooth loss:


1. Brushing: This one is blatantly obvious. Brushing and flossing twice a day for at least two minutes is the absolute minimum amount of attention your teeth need. Brushing after eating or drinking will give you the best shot at avoiding tooth loss. Brushing eliminates the build-up of plaque on your teeth and lets your enamel stay comfortable and safe.
2. Flossing: Despite the fact that most people know that flossing is just as important as brushing, many still do not floss enough or properly. Flossing gets rid of the bacteria hiding below the gum line and significantly increases your chances of avoiding decay and eventual loss of teeth.
3. Visiting your dentist: Despite the fact that this one is number 3 on the list, it may just be the most important one here. Visiting the dentist can drastically improve your chances of avoiding decay and loss of teeth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it cannot be removed by at-home brushing and needs to be removed at the dentist’s office.
4. Stay away from acidic foods: Acidic foods can wear down enamel and leave your teeth more susceptible to decay. Even though that lemon may be great for your bodily health, make sure you are tempering your consumption to benefit your teeth!
5. Stay away from sugars: Not only does the rest of your body benefit from staying away from sugary foods, your teeth will thank you too! Sugary foods can sit on teeth and wear away at enamel, making your teeth more prone to decay.

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