Reduction-Free Veneers

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Though dental veneers have been around for many years, recent advancements have made them safer and more effective than ever before. In the past, veneer placement required a dentist to reduce the thickness of the natural teeth. This caused permanent damage to the patient’s teeth and required them to wear veneers for the rest of their life. This reduction procedure also caused patients to experience increased sensitivity in their teeth.

Today, there is a better option for those wanting to transform their smiles. With reduction free veneers, there is absolutely no removal of tooth tissue. The veneers are made to go right over the patient’s teeth, causing no damage, and requiring no freezing. Should the patient decide they want their veneers removed, they can be removed at any time without issue.

Veneers are crafted from porcelain and made specifically for a person’s teeth. The patient has the ability to design their own smile with reduction free veneers because they can choose the shape, size and color of their veneers.

Once their smile has been designed, impressions are created from their teeth. These impressions are sent to a dental lab so each veneer can be created. Once these veneers have been created, they are tried on for fit. The patient has the opportunity to test drive their new teeth for a couple of days. If they are happy with their new smile, they simply come back to the cosmetic dentist so the veneers can be bonded permanently in place.

Reduction fee veneers can last for many years, perfecting a person’s smile by covering stains, gaps between the teeth, minor damage and minor alignment issues. This application provides the most natural look possible while giving patients the smile of their dreams.

A beautiful smile is just a dental appointment away. With veneers, smile transformation can give a person the confidence they need to be able to smile at the world.

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