Stunning Smile with No Tooth Reduction

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Reduction Free Veneers

Reduction Free Veneers are an amazing technology that offers you a straight, white stunning smile with NO TOOTH REDUCTION! Our custom designed veneers are all made in our onsite laboratory by our porcelain artist. You will get to design your own smile by choosing your ideal shape, colour and texture based on what is possible in conjunction with your bite and health requirements. In just 1-2 weeks your veneers will be ready for bonding and you will have a beautiful new smile!

Reduction Free Veneers can correct many different conditions and can also be used in conjunction with regular crowns and veneers to replace older crowns, fillings or bonding. Reduction Free Veneers can help with the following conditions:

✦ Close gaps and spaces

✦ Minor straightening of the teeth

✦ Bring out “inset” teeth and create a fuller more vertical smile

✦ Enhance small and worn teeth

✦ Create a white and natural look or a Hollywood look (No discoloured teeth)

✦ No future staining, no more whitening!

✦ Cover dark stained teeth & tetracycline discolourations in the teeth

✦ Restore broken,  chipped or cracked teeth

✦ Added foundation to support the cheeks, lips, skin and lower face for a more youthful look

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