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Keeping your mouth healthy is key to not only just your teeth, but your whole body. It’s important to maintain healthy oral care and with a few simple tips it will become a natural part of your lifestyle. You’ll find you’ll have better breath, healthier teeth, and far more reasons to smile. Following some of these simple tips not only will keep your mouth at its best, you’ll also keep your wallet happy and save time in the future.

Brush your Teeth:

teeth brushing

This should go without saying, but brushing your teeth is your first defense against decay and the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Professionals recommend at least twice per day, and at least before bed. Take the time to brush your teeth for about two minutes, and divide the mouth into four quadrants making sure all surfaces of the teeth are free of debris. Use a toothpaste with fluoride in it to additionally help prevent decay, and make sure you regularly replace your toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are a great way to ensure your teeth and gums are at their healthiest.

Floss Thoroughly and Regularly:


For many people, this is a step that is easily skipped over, but flossing regularly, meaning daily, is important to keeping cavities from forming between the teeth and to keep the gums at their healthiest. Some people use flossers for their convenience, and if it’s flossers or nothing, dentists encourage flossers, but overall, nothing beats good old fashioned dental floss. Make sure to have a long enough piece to allow for a fresh section for each tooth. Then methodically move from one tooth to the next, wrapping the floss around the tooth and cleaning the area between the tooth and the gum on both sides.

Rinse and Kill Germs:

Using a mouthwash will help to eliminate germs and wash away excess debris. Some people use a rinse during the day after a meal between brushes to wash away bacteria and keep tartar and plaque from growing. Different types of mouthwashes can help your mouth in different ways, such as added fluoride or whitening. Overall, it helps to kill germs and eliminate tooth decay.

Schedule Regular In-Office Appointments:

A deep cleaning twice a year will keep your teeth at their healthiest because your dentist can identify and treat problems before they get out of hand. Dentists and hygienists can reach areas of the mouth that the toothbrush can’t reach, and they can also watch for any emerging issues through x-rays and preventative care. Dentists also offer oral cancer screening as part of your appointment. Your experienced Vancouver dentist can also provide preventative treatments such as sealants to keep issues such as cavities from arising in the future.

Protect your Teeth:

There are a multitude of external hazards that can damage and negatively impact the teeth. Athletes should always wear mouth guards when playing any contact sports where their teeth may be damaged. Those who grind their teeth at night should also wear a protective mouth guard to help eliminate the chance of damage. Also simple lifestyle choices like not chewing on ice or hard candy will also help teeth stay strong and healthy.

Avoid Tobacco Use:

Tobacco is just as bad for the mouth as it is for the rest of the body. Not only will it yellow your teeth, it will also increase your susceptibility for oral cancer. Both chewing tobacco and the actual smoking of tobacco are bad for the mouth. Most cases of oral cancer can be traced back to the use of tobacco products.

Watch your Diet:

Everything you eat starts at your mouth, and in turn your overall health can impact the health of your mouth itself. Sugary foods can not only negatively impact your body, but also affect your teeth. Tooth decay occurs faster when the oral bacteria are exposed to sugar. Bacteria feed on sugar, so they can cause tooth decay and cavities. A healthy diet also keeps your gums at their healthiest.

These simple steps can keep your mouth healthy and keep you from spending significant time and money in the dentist’s office to repair issues that could have easily been prevented. And with having a healthy mouth you may also find that you feel healthier overall, and have more reasons to smile. It’s easy to take good care of your mouth, and you’ll be glad that you did. These tips may seem obvious, but following through on them is the key to success with proper oral hygiene.

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