How to Take Care of Your Teeth

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Obviously, brushing and flossing twice a day is a great start. In addition, you should go for six-monthly checkups, and you should see the oral hygienist too.

Most dentists these days have a dental hygienist working with them. You could make an appointment to see them, or sometimes the hygienist will first have a look at patient’s general oral health, checking-up on the overall state of your mouth to identify if there are any problems. The dental hygienist might even take x-rays to identify problems, and to save the dentist time.

Prevent gum disease

dental cleaning

The most important reason to see a dental hygienist is preventative. Oral hygienists are part of the dental team, and are specifically trained to take care of cleaning teeth and preventing gum disease. This is dental hygienist’s most important role: to help patients take preventative measures against disease of the gums and losing teeth.

Have your teeth scaled and polished

The dental hygienist will clean your teeth professionally by removing plaque and tartar, in dental terms the procedure is called ‘scale and polish’ or prophylaxis.

Prevent plaque building up to become tartar

Plaque is a sticky coat that forms constantly on the teeth where bacteria multiply and grow, and can cause decay of your teeth. As plaque becomes hard, it calcifies, and then it is called tartar. It is the hard tartar that has to be removed by the dental hygienist with special skills and equipment.

This process is not painful at all, but could prevent decay of the teeth, and most importantly, gum disease at a later stage.

Get shown how best to take care of your teeth

The other reason to visit your dental hygienist is after your teeth have been cleaned and taken care of. You will be shown how to keep them clean, and how best to take care of your teeth in future. Taking proper care of your teeth will prevent decay, and will minimize dental work in the future. Most people don’t brush or floss properly, so don’t be embarrassed if you get given a lesson!

To have your teeth whitened

The best part of the dental hygienists’ treatment is they can make your teeth as white as snow again if tooth whitening is prescribed by your dentist.

Dental hygienists can also take dental x-rays, which the dentist will use to diagnose problems and decide on the best treatment. Dental hygienists can also place fissure sealants, apply fluoride varnishes and administer fluoride treatments.

Fluoride treatments will make your teeth strong and prevent cavities from forming. Anti-bacterial gels and solutions can also be applied under the gum by your dental hygienist to kill bacteria causing gum disease.

Keep your mouth healthy

Having your teeth regularly and professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar, combined with looking after your teeth and gums properly at home, will help keep your mouth healthy.

For extra confidence

A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance and give you extra confidence. Having your teeth cleaned professionally will help you to keep them for a lifetime.

For fresh breath

Most important of all, you will have the confidence of knowing you have fresh breath, and you will feel like a million dollars afterwards. Your regular dental appointments, and your visits to the oral hygienist form part of your strategy for taking care of your teeth.

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