Drill Free Dentistry

Discover the Advancements in Drill-Free Dentistry

We’re On Time

We respect your time and do everything we can to make sure your appointment starts on time.


We make every effort to see emergency visits on the same or next day.


We know that not everyone loves going to the dentist and make every effort to keep you happy!


At our practice, we specialize in the cutting-edge field of injection-less and drill-less dentistry, leveraging both soft and Hard Tissue Lasers to provide our patients with a truly gentle and minimally invasive dental experience. Our commitment is to ensure that your visit is completely devoid of anesthetic, discomfort, and the traditional dental drill, making your journey into pain-free dentistry an exceptional one.

  • No Drilling – Bid farewell to conventional drilling techniques.
  • No Freezing – Eliminate the need for numbing injections.
  • Comfortable Single – Visit Treatment – Experience comprehensive care in just one appointment.
  • Highly Conservative Approach – We focus on selectively removing only the damaged tooth area while preserving healthy tooth structure.

Our Process

Our job is to show you what we see in your mouth, educate you on your options, and let you make the best decision for yourself. We never push unnecessary treatments and always give you options.

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Initial Visit

During your first visit we will take a look at function of your bite and health of your teeth. Then, we’ll learn about your oral health goals and give you any applicable treatment options.

Next Visit

As an education based practice, we believe that  knowledge provides our patients with the freedom to choose their optimal treatment journey.

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Concerned About the Drill? There's a Better Way!

If the prospect of dental drilling leaves you apprehensive, we offer an alternative solution through the utilization of Hard Tissue Lasers.

Exploring Hard Tissue Lasers in Dentistry

Hard Tissue Lasers are a remarkable advancement in dental technology. These precision lasers are capable of not only replacing certain types of fillings, including older white fillings but also preparing teeth for crown placements or on-lays. The versatility of Hard Tissue Lasers extends to various dental treatments such as fillings, root canal procedures, oral surgery, periodontics, and implant dentistry.

Painless and Stress-Free

Our commitment to your comfort remains unwavering. With Hard Tissue Lasers, there is no need for anesthesia, and you can say goodbye to any discomfort associated with traditional drilling methods. We are dedicated to ensuring your dental experience is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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