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Laser Frenectomy is the use of a laser beam to detach the frenulum (mouth webbing) from the lips and/or tongue. This may be done with a simple topical anesthetic (no injections necessary) and it is usually completed in about five minutes.

  • Prevents recession
  • Helps with orthodontics and tooth position
  • 30 minute convenient appointment
  • Minimal recovery
  • Patients regain the ability to speak and eat well

About Laser Frenectomy & Tongue Tie

About 4% of children are born with some degree of frenulum restriction, also known as tongue-tie or lip-tie. This means that their tongue and/or lips are attached to the mouth with excessive webbing. This excess tissue impedes the movement of the tongue or lips to various degrees. When this restricted mobility interferes with nursing, bottle feeding, or causes discomfort to mother or child, a laser frenectomy may be recommended for infants.

For children, adolescents and adults who do not undergo frenectomy in infancy, later complications may include: impaired oral hygiene, cavities, difficulty brushing and flossing, orthodontic maladjustments as well as significant speech impediments, and issues of self-esteem.


What is a Frenum?

Everyone has small muscle attachments under their upper and lower lips and even on the inside of the mouth under the tongue. These muscles are called frenums. Sometimes if this muscle is too strong it can pull on the gingival tissue and cause unnecessary recession of the gums. In other cases, the frenum can be quite low and create a space between teeth, almost acting like a rubber band keeping the teeth apart.

Why should I get a Laser Frenectomy?

Having a laser Frenectomy can release the muscle relieving the pull on the tissue and helps preserve the area where the tooth is affected. It can also release the “rubber band” between the teeth so that the teeth can then be moved with Invisalign for example to close the teeth together.

What is a tongue tie?

Some patients are naturally born with a tongue tie also known as Ankyloglossia. This is a piece of tissue that connects just under the tip of your tongue to the base of your mouth and restricts the movement of the tongue. This can dramatically affect the ability to speak, feed and maintain your oral hygiene. Also, it can affect a baby’s ability to latch on and feed when born.

Can you laser a tongue tie?

Absolutely! Very similar to a Frenectomy, the laser releases the tie with minimal healing and can dramatically change one’s life, making everything easier. The procedure and recovery are very much the same as the Frenectomy and all done in a 30 minute appointment.

Is the procedure painful?

Laser Frenectomies and tongue ties are very comfortable. You will be given some freezing in the area to gently numb the muscle. Because the laser seals as it moves, there is no bleeding or inflammation of the area. After the freezing wears off, it will feel like you have a small canker sore in that area for a couple of days. We always provide you with proper solutions to rinse with to keep the area clean and help it heal.

Will I have to repeat this procedure in the future?

No, once the attachment of the muscle and fibers is lasered, they will typically not grow back and develop again.

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