Who’s A Good Candidate For Smile Makeover?

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A 2015 study showed that a staggering 28 percent of people don’t like smiling because they hate the way their teeth look. Back in the bad old days you might have had to put up with wrecked smile before you reached thirty, but in this day and age, there’s no reason to live with a flawed smile.

Are you a good candidate for a smile makeover? If you aren’t happy with the way your teeth look, you probably are. But to give you a few more pointers, here are the reasons why most people broach the topic of cosmetic dentistry with us.

Your Teeth are Stained or Discoloured

In most cases, there’s absolutely no reason to battle with stained or discoloured teeth. For the vast majority of people, a few minutes in the dentist’s office is all it takes to get a professional tooth whitening treatment. In instances where bleaching won’t work, covering the surface of the teeth with veneers could be the best way to restore your confidence.

Uneven, Skew, or Twisted Teeth Spoil Your Smile

Not all of us are blessed with regular teeth. We usually look at correcting misaligned teeth before adulthood, but adults can also undergo tooth-straightening treatments. Although big changes to alignment are more difficult once you are an adult, we can make small adjustments with relative ease. Once again, if you aren’t suitable for a correction that will allow your natural teeth to shine, veneers offer a way to cover up the imperfections.

You Had an “Accident” (Small or Large) and Damaged Teeth

Whether it was biting down on that hard, sticky toffee or a nasty accident that has damaged several teeth, urgent cosmetic dentistry is in order.

Although some accidents constitute dental emergencies, some, like superficial chips, aren’t. Nevertheless, we understand the blow to your confidence and will get you facing the world with an intact smile as fast as we can.

You’re Approaching a Very Special Time in Your Life and Want to Look Your Best

Looking great for the graduation photo is a must – but weddings are even more important. A lot of our patients include a little cosmetic dentistry in their preparations for the big day. After all, the cameras will be clicking and you’ll be treasuring those photos for a lifetime.

You’ve Been Patching Teeth for Decades And Need a Revamp

It started off as mending a little chip on your front your tooth but it left your smile asymmetrical. It was a perfectly good filling, but stains have actually managed to find their way under it. You needed a little emergency dentistry on a trip and an inexperienced dentist mismatched the composite. Whatever the reasons, a few decades of patching can lead to a patchy smile. It’s time for an aesthetic overhaul!

Your Smile Should be Your Best Asset

When people are happy and confident, they’re at their best and most beautiful. You can see it in their smiles. But if your smile itself is the thing that destroys your confidence, it’s time you thought of cosmetic dentistry. You deserve to be able to smile without reserve. We understand that. Talk to us about your oral aesthetics issues today.

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